Work in Networks and collective pedagogies: challenges for cultural production

Text presented in the framework of the conferences on: Reversible actions. Seminar on art,
education and territory in the Centre d’Arts Contemporànies of Vic. Vic, 7th-8th of November 2008.
 Available on Acvic (2010) : Reversible actions. Art, education and territory. ACVIC Eumo editorial: Vic.

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The aim of this text is to cover three points or objectives that seem necessary to relocate the role of pedagogy and net working in the cultural field.
- The first objective is to interweave cultural production and pedagogical production as two interrelated domains and not as two complementary or supplementary domains. The aim here is to clarify the space occupied by pedagogy with respect to culture and vice versa, and without placing them in a hierarchy.
- This step leads into my second objective; to formulate pedagogical positions within the cultural production and to understand the cultural production in the framework of educational work, as two formulated realities that are interlinked in multiple dimensions as a result of the transversal nature of the collective pedagogies.
- Lastly the intention of my third objective is to understand the highly complex nature of collective learning and the creative outbursts produced by the collective pedagogies in work in networks by means of particular approaches to the theory of networks and the political sciences of participation. This last step involves being able to understand what can be asked of current cultural policies and consequently of a cultural centre, in terms of the production and the distribution of culture in the theory of networks and collective pedagogies.