Collective Pedagogies as Cultural Production: Reversive Overflows and Cultural Politics(2010)

Text originally released  in Catalán /English in the catalogue of  Sala d’Art Jove08/09 (2010) published by la Secretaria de Juventud de la Generalitat de Catalunya

In this paper I aim to describe the contribution that the framework of collective pedagogies can make to the field of cultural politics, understanding that the politics of cultural production and distribution require especially educational processes and structures. To do this I will first examine the proliferation of discourses on education in current cultural practices, and then we will move on to investigating the complexities of cultural pedagogies, pausing to look at their effects and consequences for cultural politics. In the last part of the text, some of the practices demonstrated at the conferences using the reversive overflow concept are described. This approach will allow us to set aside crippling dichotomies like art/education on one hand, and on the other to make a case for complexities that redefine collective pedagogies, and with them education, like alternative and experimental situations for cultural production, distribution and training, i.e., cultural politics.

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