Collective Pedagogies as Networked Activity: Possible Itineraries1

 This texts is a chapter of the book of the TRANSDUCTORES project, originally published in :
Rodrigo, Javier; Collados, Antonio (2010) Transductores. Pedagogías colectivas y políticas
espaciales. Centro José Guerrero y Diputación de Granada: Granada. Pp. 66-96 ; English

"...In this text I shall attempt to examine the projects included in TRANSDUCERS as
networked pedagogies. To this end, I propose to revise the meaning of pedagogy in the
light of collective pedagogies, so that we can approach some of the practices contained
in this book from various analytical viewpoints. My aim is not to make a detailed
analysis, or describe structural elements as a prescriptive catalogue of good practice. It
is rather a question of understanding which aspects we can learn when working
collectively, of collaborating and interacting politically on projects of collective
pedagogies such as those described here."

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All the practices and cases studies mentioned in the text can be related in a more deep reading in
the 13 files and interviews that the catalogue includes.

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